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We've crafted 
the perfect 
Tipzy Team.


Josh McCoy

Josh McCoy_085_edited_edited_edited_edit

Masters of Accounting, 

Computer Science & Finance

Chief Executive Officer

Tulane Univerisity

Meet our CEO: he's not just a boss; he's a maestro of mayhem, turning wild ideas into master plans. He's got the kind of charm that could even get grandmas dancing. Beyond his magnetic personality, he's a born entrepreneur. Legend has it that he launched a lawn-mowing empire at twelve without ever touching a lawnmower!


Tulane Univerisity

Meet Tenley, our COO, the Swiss Army knife of our operation. She tackles challenges with a blend of strategy and agility, making complex tasks look easy. Tenley is the force that keeps our engine running smoothly, turning ambitious goals into reality. 

Tenley Gorman

Screenshot 2023-12-04 at 8_edited_edited

Chief Operating Officer

Jake Marzullo


Finance & Political Economy

Head of Product Engagement

Tulane Univerisity

Say hello to Jake, our flirt in resident, who's as skilled in marketing as he is on the dance floor. With a knack for engaging campaigns and a flirty charm, Jake turns every marketing challenge into a success story, keeping our brand in the spotlight. Rumor has it, he could even sell an air guitar.

Computer Science & Business

Cornell Univerisity

Our Head of Product Development isn't just a team leader; he's a maestro of innovation, wielding a mic in one hand and steering our product's vision with the other. His approach isn't about putting out fires—it's about lighting the way forward, crafting features that redefine our market space.

Meku Sengupta


Head of Product Development

Robert Pigue


Computer Science & Spanish

Backend Developer 

Georgia Georgia Institute of Technology

Who is the unsung hero of every great startup? The backend developer. Meet Robert. To some, he's a mystery; to others, an enigma. But don't be fooled by his chill attitude; his brain whips up code like a top chef does with Michelin-star meals—always with a dash of crazy. His superpower? Transforming projects into gems faster than you can ask, "Is it done?" Hats off to Robert, our very own mastermind disguised as a laid-back hero.

Computer Science & Music

Cornell Univerisity

Meet our frontend developer: part coding genius, part DJ extraordinaire. He spins turntables with the same ease he spins code, crafting our UI by day and laying down beats by night that could get even the stiffest algorithms moving. Without our musical master, our team would surely miss a beat. Here's to the beat-dropping, code-rocking hero of our squad!

Gordi Tenev


Frontend Developer


Our team mimics your local bar. Our diverse thoughts, backgrounds, and interests amplify Tipzy. Just like your local bar, Tipzy is a mixing pot of expression. And what do we do in our free time? ... code. All jokes aside, we are excited to watch you and your grandma boogie at your local Tipzy bar. 

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