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Tipzy Selected for Metronome

New Orleans, LA

We are thrilled to announce that Tipzy has been selected to join Metronome, an exclusive track within the IDEAinstitute Spring 2024 cohort! 

As part of the Metronome track, we will have the incredible opportunity to participate in the full 10-week IDEAinstitute program, alongside dedicated industry-focused mentors who will provide invaluable guidance and support throughout our journey. Additionally, we'll have access to specialized workshops, coworking space, highly curated coaching sessions, and ongoing peer-to-peer connection opportunities.

Metronome is specifically seeking founders who are ready to disrupt the music industry and support innovation in this space. With Tipzy, we're dedicated to simplifying the process of managing song requests in bars, catering to both bars and bar patrons. Our platform streamlines song requests, enhances playlist management, and amplifies customer engagement, offering a seamless solution that aligns perfectly with the goals of metronome.

We're incredibly excited to be part of this groundbreaking program and look forward to leveraging the resources and support provided by metronome to take Tipzy to new heights. Stay tuned for updates as we embark on this exciting journey to revolutionize the music industry!


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