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~Craft the Buzz, Spin the Scene~

Tipzy is where you remix your night on your terms. Get ready to hit play on a legendary night.

Request your


Depending on what you are feeling, request any and all of your favorite songs for the bar to play.


Set the Mood. 

Request a number of songs or just one! Match the music to your mood and let the festivities begin. 


the night

With Tipzy you can determine the ambiance of any bar you walk into. Turn any night into a night of dancing and memories that will last a lifetime. 

We are the app you never knew you needed and maybe even your new party trick.

Only with Tipzy.

The Tipzy Story

Our origin story is as spontaneous as the experiences we strive to create. It all began late one Saturday night when our founder's phone buzzed with a call from a friend. He was recounting his lackluster bar experience, 

his voice a mix of frustration with a hint of an epiphany. As he spoke, a spark ignited between the two—an idea that the nightlife scene was ripe for innovation. From that night on, we, the Tipzy Team have been iterating on that initial idea, each step an evolution towards redefining the social experience. That late-night call didn't just change our Saturday; it changed our lives and, hopefully, the way we all experience the beat of the night. With Tipzy, we will shake up the bar scene. 

Join the Tipzy Team — where innovation meets rhythm. We're on the lookout for the brightest young minds with energy to match our own. At Tipzy, being a 'vibe' isn't just a buzzword; it's our ethos. We're pioneering a dynamic fusion of tech and nightlife, and we want trailblazers who are ready to disrupt the status quo. If you're hungry for impact, thrive in fast-paced environments, and want to redefine the future of entertainment, let's sync up. Get ready to make waves in an industry eager for a revolution. Join us and let's stir up the bar experience!

We would love to have you!



Join the

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